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For years, the Glendale Deck Company has been designing and building beautiful decks, arbors and pergolas throughout Glendale in hundreds of different shapes and sizes. We try our best to meet all of our clients individual requirements. As a small company, we take great pride in delivering excellent customer service. We thrive to deliver the results you deserve from a expert arbor, pergola & decking contractor. When you consider Glendale Decking Contractors, you are selecting an experienced owner operator who actually physically builds decks and pergolas. Pergolas and decking is precisely what we do, day in and day out. So we understand what works, aesthetically and structurally when working with you to design that seamless indoor outdoor flow.

Our backyards have become our main entertaining spaces, which is why proper planning and good design are essential. A deck or patio doesn’t have to be expensive, but does need to be properly placed and easy to access, otherwise you just won’t use it. It needs to be built pout of the best quality materials you can afford and it needs to last the distance, and never forget that well a well designed, well-built deck, patio or pergola will add considerably to the value of your home.

Choosing the materials for your new outdoor living space is a matter of achieving the right mix between aesthetics and functionality. If you’re planning a deck that will follow on from a wood-floored indoor living space, choosing timber decking is a good way to create a seamless indoor-outdoor transition. But wood does require ongoing maintenance so if you’re not up for that , a composite decking material might or aluminum decking boards with a wood grain finish might be better choices. And if you’re after a natural material that is also eco friendly, bamboo decking is a great option.

You have the same diversity of choice when it comes to building a pergola. Again practicalities such as structural strength and maintenance need to marry with the design considerations. A powder-coated steel pergola with a flat cantilevered roof or a laser-cut decorative panel for a roof will be a sturdy structure and the perfect complement to a modern home and landscape design. A timber pergola with open roof beams entwined in a climbing plant will also give you longevity, But it will require work to re-stain or re-paint the framework and the plant will need watering and trimming. Still it will look a treat in a cottage , Heritage or rustic setting.

How you furnish and decorate your deck, patio or pergola plays a major part in how you use the space and how often. With the right furniture, lighting, heating , shade and decor ( whether rugs, wall art, pots or lanterns ) , it will be a comfortable and stylish space that will have you stepping outside every chance you get.

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